Import QuickBooks Products

Easy Royalties software can import titles from your QuickBooks accounting software.

To do this you must;

1. Set up your book products in QuickBooks.

Enter into the Item listing; the book’s ISBN into the Item Number field, the title code into the Manufacturers Part Number field (MPN). Define a new field for the product format (i.e. hardcover, paperback).

2. Create a customized item listing report that includes the MPN field, Description, Retail Price, and the format field.

3. Export the customized item listing to Excel and delete empty rows.

4. Import the Excel file into Easy Royalties (File > Title Import)

The MPN field will be mapped to the Title Code, the Item to the ISBN, the Description to the Title, the Retail Price to the Price field and the format field to the Edition Format field.

You can also use this procedure to update title and price information in Easy Royalties after you change  information in QuickBooks.