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Romance Royalties – Print vs Digital

Royalty rate rates for print vs digital romance books are compared in an article posted at

The article summarizes the economic models that differentiate print and digital royalty rates for romance novels.

In summary, it states that print books are usually accompanied by a royalty advance and a low royalty rate of 8% to15%. 

Digital book authors usually receive no royalty advances and a royalty rate that averages 35% to 40%. The article notes that only steamy sexy novels are selling well in a digital format.

With print books, though a lower royalty is paid, the author is likely to earn much more in terms of royalties.

The author closes her article by stating that “digital publishing can be for those who are just starting out; for manuscripts that are gathering dust; for works that no one in NY wants to take a chance on.”

Office Closed July 3rd for July 4th Weekend

Our offices are closed on Friday July 3rd for the July 4th weekend. You can reach technical support on Friday July 3rd by emailing .

Error 02. Program Shuts Down on Starting

How to solve a situation where slower computers, limited memory, or overloaded registries cause Easy Royalties to shutdown when the program is opened.

Easy Royalties uses Microsoft Office runtime libraries when it executes. If you have Microsoft Office installed, there are some cases (slower computers, limited memory, overloaded registries, or other situations) where Easy Royalties might start up and link to the wrong copies of the Microsoft Office libraries that it uses (it may link to your copies of the Office libraries, instead of its own copies). When this happens, Easy Royalties may not function properly. This problem can sometimes be avoided by setting a parameter in the startup shortcut, as described in the instructions below.


1. On your desktop, select the icon for Easy Royalties! (but don’t double-click – i.e. select the icon, but don’t launch the program)

2. Right mouse-click, and select “Properties”

3. Click the “Shortcut” tab

4. Look at the field labelled “Target”. It should look something like this:
“C:\Program Files\Common Files\SagekeySoftware\StartAccess_2003.exe”
-CMD=”Software\JDC Software\Easy Royalties”
(pathnanmes may be slightly different on your system)

5. You need to insert, just before the “-CMD=…”, the following text: -WAIT=30000

(put your cursor in the field and slide to the right, or use the arrow keys, to get to “-CMD”)

6. Now the whole thing should read something like this (except for any differences in pathnames): “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sagekey Software\StartAccess_2003.exe” -WAIT=30000-CMD=”Software\JDC Software\Easy Royalties”

7. Now try launching Easy Royalties (by double-clicking the icon)

Remember, if you have any problems with the software please can contact us.  Technical support for Easy Royalties is free.

Easy Royalties v3.4.22

Easy Royalties v3.4.22 update is available for free to all registered users.

New functionality included in this version includes;

  • Option to print only “Active” titles in the Editions and Printings summary area of the royalty statement. This will print all titles with a status of active. If this option is not selected then a listing of all titles, along with their status and status date (i.e. Out of Print 12/31/2008) will print.

This feature was requested by an Easy Royalties client on June 12th and delivered on June 13th.

Royalty Software Print Options in V3.4.22

Royalty Software Print Options in V3.4.22

Microsoft Dynamics Royalty Software

A royalty solution for Microsoft Dynamics is available from United ERP. Their software can be deployed as a fullly intergrated module or deployed as a standalone system that integrates with your existing software.

United ERP is a Microsoft Partner specializing in Royalty Management Software and implementation for companies in entertainment, publishing, and merchandising. Their Royalty Management Solution monitors contracts, tracks the product development approval process, provides automatic royalty calculations, performs compliance checks with audit tracking, automates statement reporting and forecasting, and much more. It seamlessly creates the journal entries for the general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable systems as well. It provides the toolset to for companies to actively manage and fully leverage their intellectual property by making more informed decisions based on real-time financial and market insight. 

More information is available from their website: .  

United ERP clients include Playboy Enterprises, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Theatrical Rights Worldwide, Studio 100, Codemasters and MGA Entertainment.

AXIP is multi-language/currency, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant and doesn’t require massive costs or implementation time while maintaining the unique way businesses are run, preserving their best practices.  AX features two modules that provide total visibility for license-related activity, sales of licensed products and royalty payment history for both licensees and licensors.

Easy Royalties v3.4.17

Easy Royalties v3.4.17 update is available for free to all registered users.

New functionality included in this version includes;

  • Option to print lifetime quantity sales on each statement
  • Option to print a summary of the royalties payable at the end of each group of statements for each author.

These features were added within 72 hours of a request from an Easy Royalties client. The client request was made on Monday and an update with the requested functionality was released Wednesday afternoon.