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iTunes Royalty Lawsuit #2

What’s the royalty due on an iTunes song sale? In a suit by Eninem a jury ruled for Sony that an iTunes song was the equivalent of a CD (i.e. royaltiesd were pennies on the dollar). 

The Allman Brothers has sued UMG and Sony claiming that iTunes sales should be accounted for as a song license for a commercial – where the artist’s royalty would be about 50%.

According to the court refused to dismiss a lawsuit by the Allman Brothers against Universal Music Group.

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Easy Royalties V3.5.28

The lastest royalty software update includes three new reports; a balance sheet summary, royalty advance summary and a sales summary report.

1. Balance sheet summary shows the user current balances for royalty advances, unearned royalties and royalties payable.

2. Royalty advance summary shows a listing of outstanding royalty advances along with amount and date of the royalties earned on the latest royalty statement. Very useful for determining if any royalty advances need to be expensed and written-off.

3. Sales summary report summarizes sales by month for the current year and the prior year. The report also shows the YTD totals for both years.

Also, included in this title is a multi-title royalty statement. This statement summarizes the earnings of authors that earn royalties on lots of titles. Earnings for each title is reduced to a single line.  One client is using this statement to report earnings for a royalty recipient that has over 100 titles. It condensed a 100 pay royalty report down to 5 pages. Of course, the detailed statement is always available if the author requests it.

This update is free to all registered users of the Easy Royalties software.