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Import QuickBooks Sales

Importing QuickBooks sales into our royalty software is an easy three step process.
First, generate a Sales by Item Detail Report. Modify this report to turn off  headers and footers. Memorize the report under a new name; i.e. Easy Royalties Sales Detail Report, so that you will not need to make these changes in the future.
Second, export this report to Excel, being careful to select Send header to screen in Excel in the Advanced tab of the Export Report window. This will place the field names in the first row of the spreadsheet.

QuickBooks Export Report Settings

Third, in Easy Royalties go to File > Import  > Sales Entries

In the Mapping Section of the Import Screen note the settings for Ignore rows when any of the following fields are blank. If an indicated field is blank then this row of sales data will not be imported. In the example below a row will be excluded if the date or item number (i.e. ISBN) cells are blank.

QuickBooks Import File Map

In the screenshot below you can see which rows (those with a red line) will not be imported.

Author Pen Names

Our royalty software supports author pen names, as used by romance authors.

Each author can have an unlimited number of pseudonyms, and royalty contracts can utilize the author’s pen name. When you print a title list you can show the pen name, the real author’s name or both names.

This feature was added in update v3.4.45.