Royalty Data Protection

Protecting the data in your royalty software is of critical importance. We tell you how to protect your data and the computer that the data is saved on.

Royalty Software Data File Backup

All hard drivesd will eventually fail, either due to a power surge, the failure of an electronic part or a mechanical failure. When that happens you will lose access to your royalty data; including royalty contracts, authors and statements, unless you have a backup.

Kensai International recommends that users of Easy Royalties implement a 3 tier backup solution.

  1. Backup to a Local USB Hard-drive
  2. Use an On-line backup service (such as Carbonite)
  3. Backup your royalty file monthly to a CD

For USB backup drive we recommend the Seagate, Western Digital or ioSafe brands. The ioSafe drives cost more; however, they offer protection against fire and water damage. They cost about 2x to 3x as much as a normal USB hard-drive; however, they are built tough.

For an on-line backup service we recommend Carbonite or Norton On-line Backup. Both of these services cost about $50 a year.

Surge Protection

Most computer failures are caused by a power surge from an inside source (such as turning on an electrical motor) or an outside source (lightning).

A surge protector will help protect your computer from these power surges.

Kensai recommends the following 4 brands of surge protectors;

  1. APC Surge Arrest Performance Series
  2. Belkin SurgeMaster Gold Series
  3. Brickwall
  4. ZeroSurge

The APC and Beklin Surge protectors cost about $30 to $50. They should be replaced every two years.  These surge protectors only work with a properly grounded outlet (as they divert excess current to the ground).

Brickwall and ZeroSurge brand surge protects cost about $150 to $300. We advise clients to use these brands to protect their file-servers and critical desktop PCs.


Backing up your royalty software and protecting your computer with a surge protector will minimize the chance of losing access to your royalty data when you most need it.