Backup your Royalty Files

A publisher contacted us with a story of woe. Someone stole their computer, and they hadn’t backed up the files on it.

At Easy Royalties we advise all clients to backup their Easy Royalties folder using an on-line backup service such as Carbonite or Norton Online Backup. These web-based applications can automatically backup your Easy Royalties folder every day to secure off-site storage locations.

We use both services to backup our files. The cost is about $50 for each service, about $100 in total.

At some point in time your computer will fail you. It may result from theft, a power surge, or a failed hard drive. The older your computer the more likely this is to occur. Surge protectors degrade over time (the military replaces their surge protectors every two years), hard drive failure rates increase after 3 years, employees may drop the computer when moving it and you computer may be stolen.

An accessible backup will protect your data. It will save you lots of work in the event that your experience a computer failure (or theft).

At Kensai International we have a four tier backup strategy;

  1. Daily online file backups using Carbonite and Norton Online Backup for redundant secure off-site backups
  2. Continuous USB Hard drive file backup using TimeLine from Genie-Soft for continuous backups with versioning
  3. Monthly image backup using Norton Ghost 15 to an  IoSafe  USB hard drive that is fireproof and waterproof.
  4. Quarterly image backup to an encrypted Seagate Black Armor hard drive stored in a back safe deposit box.

File backups allow you to recover your documents and data files (i.e. word documents, excel spreadsheets, Easy Royalties data file).

Image backups allow you to recover your programs (i.e. Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Easy Royalties, etc.) without having to reinstall each program one by one.

Futhermore, we partitioned our hard-drive into three partitions; C for the operating system and apps, D for the recovery partition and E for data. Partitioning offers users three advantages;

  1. File backups are faster as the backup software needs to only search a single area to find the files.
  2. If you need to restore your operating system or applications you can do so without affecting the related data, which is stored in a seperate partition.
  3. You can encypt all of the files on your data drive by selecting drive E (as you do not want to encrypt your operating system or application program files).