Quickbooks Running Slow?

Two reasons why QuickBooks may be running slow are; insufficient memory and too large a file size for your version of QuickBooks.

1. Memory for QuickBooks

The www.Quickbooks.com site lists minimum memory requirements of 512MB and recommends 1GB of memory.

We recommend 2GB as many users tend to have several windows open at the same time.

If you have a 5 user multi-user QuickBooks system we recommend a 4GB of RAM for the computer where the data file is located.

For a 10 user QuickBooks Enterprise system we recommend 8GB of RAM for the server. For a 20 user QuickBooks Enterprise system we recommend 16GB of RAM for the server.

2. Optimal File size for QuickBooks

Quickbooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier can handle a file size of about 100MB to 150MB without slowing down. If you database is larger than 150MB you should upgrade to the Enterprise version of QuickBooks. This version can work with a data file of 1GB to 1.5GB.

Quickbooks recommends that companies with sales of $1M or more use QuickBooks Enterprise.