Royalty Software Setup Service

EasyRoyalties provides a database setup service to new clients with an Enhanced or Premium Support plan.

We will import authors, titles and royalty contracts for publishers that can provide the following information;

  • File 1: Author information excel file that contains the names and addresses of authors and agents along with your accounting system’s vendor identification number. (If you are using QuickBooks you can export this information from the vendor file) .  For authors with agents the name of the agent should be referenced in an agent column.
  • File 2: Title information excel file that contains the contains one row for each edition with title, titlecode, edition title (each edition must be linked to one title), ISBN (each edition must have a unique product ID), edition format (paper, hardcover, digital), edition publication date (optional), edition unit cost (optional) and edition list price (optional) for each product. (If you are using QuickBooks you can export mostl; if not all, of this information from the item file).
  •  Sample royalty contracts. We will use these contracts to create template contracts in Easy Royalties. Each sample contract should be referenced by a number. This number is referenced in the royalty contract excel file.
  • File 3: Royalty contract excel file that contains one row for each title code, author code (or author name), royalty contract template reference number and author’s share percent (if multiple authors split royalties on the same contract) combination.
  • File 4: Sales import file in Excel format. We will import sales for your last royalty period if you provide a sales file in Excel format that contains the invoice date, invoice number (optional), customer (optional), ISBN, quantity, net revenue, sales type (optional) and unit cost (optional) or total cost of sales (optional). The sales type field is optional but required if your royalty rates are based on sale type – i.e. if you pay a lower rate on foreign sales the system needs to know which sales are foreign sales. The unit cost or total cost of sales for each record is needed if you have royalty rules based on the unit cost (i.e. no royalty on below unit cost sales, royalty is 20% of the gross profit where gross profit is net revenue less cost of goods sold). If you processed a sale in a foreign currency we need to know the currency and the exchange rate that should be used for that sale.

Note: We do not correct errors in your data file with this service. We will alert you to any errors that we find; however, we do not correct the errors. You can submit another file with the errors corrected or you can correct the records after the records are imported into Easy Royalties.

Common errors in customer provided data files include: mispellings in authors, addresses and titles, author share percentages do not add up to 100 (i.e. Author 1: 50% + Author 2: 50% + Author 3: 50% = 150%), variations in country names (i.e. England, UK, Great Britian), country names in the city field and incomplete files (i.e. the author file does not contain all royalty recipients, the title file does not contain all products sold or the sales file not contain all the sales for the period).