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Evaluating your Royalty Operations

How do you evaluate your royalty accounting operations? The ten questions we ask when looking at royalty operations are; [Read more…]

Royalty Software Selection

How do you select the right royalty software? For many royalty paying companies it is based on;

  • How much they want to spend
  • The size of their company
  • The royalty rules used in their contracts
  • Whether they are looking for a stand-alone royalty solution or an integrated royalty solution
  • References from users of the software [Read more…]

IT Best Practices for Small Publishers

royalty software how to

Companies running royalty software from a desktop should adopt the following five practices to protect their royalty software data files and the computer that it runs on. [Read more…]

Reserve for Returns Update

New functionality  allows publishers to base reserve for returns on format (print, ebook, etc.) or sales type (wholesale, foreign, etc.). [Read more…]

Royalties & Digital Publishing

The growth in ebook sales has led to changes in royalty contracts offered by book publishers;

1. Reserve for Returns– New royalty contracts often exclude ebook sales from the reserve for returns. Why? The returns rate for eBook sales is effectively zero. [Read more…]