IT Best Practices for Small Publishers

royalty software how to

Companies running royalty software from a desktop should adopt the following five practices to protect their royalty software data files and the computer that it runs on.

Rule 1. Install Anti-Virus and Firewall Software

We recommend that small press clients install Norton Internet Security on their desktops. This software provides software based anti-virus and firewall protection. Norton Internet Security 2011 is PC Magazine’s editor’s choice.

If you have 10 or more employees accessing the internet via a local area network you should install a hardware firewall; in addition to running internet security software on each PC.


  • Small Press Internet Security Software: Norton Internet Security
  • Small Press Hardware Firewalls: Sonicwall, WatchGuard, Cisco

Rule 2. Install a Dual Backup System

We recommend that our clients implement a backup system using 1) two online backup services or 2) an on-line backup system and a local USB hard-drive based backup. This will ensure that your data is protected, even if one backup service or device fails.


  • Online Backup Services: Carbonite, Carbonite Pro, Mozy Pro
  • USB Hard-Drive: ioSafe fire and waterproof hard drive

Rule 3. Install a Surge Protector

One of the top three causes of computer failures is power surges. You can protect your computer from a power surge with a surge protector or UPS device (uninterpretable power supply) .


  • Small companies: APC brand surge protectors or UPS devices.
  • Medium sized companies: ZeroSurge surge protectors (cost about $170 each)  followed by a UPS for computers where valuable data is stored. APC Performance surge protectors (cost about $35) for non-critical workstations.
  • Large companies tend to install a surge protector on their electrical outlet box to protect their offices from external powerline surges in addition to using surge-protectors and UPS devices to protect equipment from internally generated power surges.

Rule 4.  Clean your desktop every six months

Overheating is another leading cause of computer failure. This usually occurs when air circulation vents are blocked by dust or furniture. Clearning dust from the vents of your desktop computer and elevating your desktop off the floor with a CPU stand will help prevent this problem from occuring.

Those working in hot offices should install vented PCI slot covers on their desktops. Vented PCI slot covers will improve air circulation and reduce the internal temperature of your desktop.

Rule 5. Run  Hardware diagnostics every six months

Hardware diagnostics software; such as Dell’s free PC Checkup Suite, check your computer for problems. It checks your hard drive(s), memory, motherboard, CPU, video card, DVD drives and plug-in cards.