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Update 3.9.60

The latest update to our royalty software enhances the agents tab with a list of all agents associated with the author. This update is free for all users of Easy Royalties V3.x. [Read more…]

Royalty Software for Large Publishers

The leading royalty software solutions for large book publishers with revenue of $100M+ are; Klopotek, Publishing Technology’s Advance, VirtuSales, Royalty Tracker from Metacomet, Alliant from Real Software Systems and Intellectual Property Management from SAP. [Read more…]

Sterling Implements Advance Royalty Software

9 February 2011– Publishing Technology plc (LSE: PTO), the largest provider of software and services to the Publishing industry, is very pleased to announce the first live installation of the new advance Contract, Rights & Royalties (CR&R) solution. [Read more…]

E-book Royalty Math

The Authors Guild website has an interesting article about royalty math.

The mathematical analysis in this article highlights that fact that publishers earn more money selling e-books than print books.

“The Help,” by Kathryn Stockett
Author’s Standard Royalty: $3.75 hardcover; $2.28 e-book.
Author’s E-Loss = -39%
Publisher’s Margin: $4.75 hardcover; $6.32 e-book.
Publisher’s E-Gain = +33%

Read the full article to learn how the the publisher’s gain was calculated.

Read the royalty math article

Royalty Accounting Expense Accounts

These are the four royalty expense accounts that track royalty expenses.

1. Royalty Expenses (consolidated). Many organizations have a single roll-up account that summarizes the balances of their royalty sub-accounts.

2. Royalty Expense. This account tracks royalty expenses. [Read more…]

Royalty Accounting Software

Royalty accounting software core functionality requirements are; [Read more…]

Terminal Services Setup for Remote Users

Users in remote offices using PCs can access Easy Royalties via Windows Terminal Services.  [Read more…]

New statement style option: Reserves-sales based

A new royalty statement style option was added for publishers that have sales based reserves. With sales based reserves the reserve is shown as a reduction in sales, not a reduction in royalty earnings payable.  In both cases the royalties earned by author are the same. [Read more…]