New statement style option: Reserves-sales based

A new royalty statement style option was added for publishers that have sales based reserves. With sales based reserves the reserve is shown as a reduction in sales, not a reduction in royalty earnings payable.  In both cases the royalties earned by author are the same.


  • Sales Based Reserves
    Sales $10,000 less 10% reserves = Sales basis of $9,000 and royalty earnings (10%) of  $900.
  • Earnings Based Reserves
    Sales $10,000 = Royalties earnings (10%) of $1,000 less the 10% reserve = Royalties payable of $900.

This statement style also provides publishers with a choice of what columns to show on the royalty statement.  They can show a condensed statement with just a few columns or a detailed statment with 14 columns.

royalty software statement style column options

This statement style was added to the royalty software at no charge to the client.