Royalty Software for Large Publishers

The leading royalty software solutions for large book publishers with revenue of $100M+ are; Klopotek, Publishing Technology’s Advance, VirtuSales, Royalty Tracker from Metacomet, Alliant from Real Software Systems and Intellectual Property Management from SAP.

The Klopotek, Publishing Technology and the VirtuSales solutions are designed for the book publishers. The Metacomet, Alliant and SAP IPM solutions are general purpose royalty software solutions.

Klopotek’s Contracts, Rights and Royalties is a powerful standardized solution that manages the entire acquistion process from book proposals through contract negotiations & creation and royalty calculations.

Publishing Technology’s Advance is highly customizable solution with strong work process controls.

Metacomet’s Royalty Tracker is known for easy of use and rapid implementations. They implemented their royalty system at Taylor & Francis in three months.

Alliant from Real Software Systems is designed to meet the needs of large companies with revenue of $100M+. Alliant can handle the requirements of book publishers, music companies, entertainment companies, software companies, drug companies, and manufacturers.

SAP’s IPM (Intellectual Property Management) is perhaps the most powerful royalty software solution on the market. The downside to this product is that they don’t give you a turn-key out of the box solution. You design a solution using the tools that they provide. This design process lengthens the implementation time and drives up costs. It means every IPM implementation is different. This makes training, support and upgrades more expensive. Having said that, SAP’s solution is extremely powerful and it has the best multi-lingual functionality.