Update 3.9.60

The latest update to our royalty software enhances the agents tab with a list of all agents associated with the author. This update is free for all users of Easy Royalties V3.x.

– Added window in author’s detail form which shows all agents on contracts for that author

– Address labels: added option to increase printer’s right margin (to address issue where some printers report page overflow)
– Title catalogues: dates in this report changed to locale’s long format (previously was locale’s short format, which can be ambiguous vis-a-vis US).
– Title catalogue report: added options to select titles based on language and/or territory available.
– Author contracts: royalty rules now allow for discount-from value of 100% (i.e. free copies) – if 100% is indicated in the discount-from field, the rule applies if the sale discount is = 100%, and not > 100%.