Update 3.9.69

This royalty software update adds an option to show inventory levels on the royalty statement. The update also facilitates the payment of authors via PayPal. Users can enter the author’s PayPal information and export this to a file. This update is free for all users of Easy Royalties Version 3.

– Added inventory fields to the Title import (InventoryDate, InventoryLevel; applies only when a title edition is identified)
– Added payment method, bank, and beneficiary address fields to Author Payments view + export
– Added payment method to advanced find for author payments view

– Reserves: option to begin reserve accounting with first period of sales activity for each edition. (Previously, reserve accounting started with the first royalty statement, regardless of editions)
– new field on title editions: classification
– Author contract, royalty rules for sales (editions): new applies-to option for edition classification (Note: This allows you to create a royalty rule that pays a different royalty for editions that receive an award or are mentioned in a best seller list).
– Author contract, royalty rules for sales: new contracts now default to invoice/recorded accrual method (for sales), and not cash as was previously
– Author contract comment: now unlimited size (previously 255)
– New author fields: additional bank account IDs, payPal account ID.
– Author contracts: new fields to record copies sent/to-be-sent to agents.
– Title edition: new tab to record inventory counts.  Inventory counts may be included in royalty statements (statement will show most recent inventory with a date that falls within the statement period) (Note: Some publisher contracts require the publisher to report inventory levels on their royalty statement)