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Toy Royalty Software & Contracts

Toy Licensing Agreement Basics

1. Royalty is usually a percentage of wholesale sales.

2. Royalty agreements usually include an un-refundable royalty advance against future royalty earnings and a royalty guarantee. If the agreed upon level of royalties is not reached within a period, the difference is owed to the licensor.

Sample Toy Licensing Agreements

Toy License Agreement – Lucas Licensing Ltd. and Hasbro Inc.(Oct 13, 1997)

License Agreement for use of characters from Adventures of Gumby TV Series for use in Freezer Pops, Coolers, and Fruit Forms







Minimum Guaranteed Royalties

Easy Royalties supports royalty rules for guaranteed royalties in version 3.100.05.

Example: Contract promises a minimum royalty of $10,000 per year. If the royalty earned is $8,000, an additional amount of $2,000 is owed to bring earnings up to the minimum promised.

royalty software minimum royalty rule

This update is available for free to all registered users of our royalty software.