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Publishers Weekly

Royalty software is the focus of the Publishers Weekly article: Rights and Royalties: A Game of Granularity by Rich Shivener. This article discusses the major software options available for publishers; larger and small and also mentions Easy Royalties.

“There are nearly 200 That’s Rights! and Easy Royalties users in 19 different countries. We work with a wide spectrum of book publishers, from small/medium-size organizations to rights departments of some of the ‘big six,’ and with types of publishers including children’s, Christian, educational, general literature, romance, and more,” says Bloom. The company’s That’s Rights! software provides marketing support and royalty accounting for rights sellers, while its EasyRoyalties is a “low-cost, flexible, and comprehensive sales and author royalties accounting package,” according to Bloom. The latest addition to its product line is That’s Rights! Agents, which targets literary agents who need a rights and author management package.

Read the PW royalty software article.

Klopotek February 2012

Klopotek royalty software 2012 February update enhances Klopotek functionality software with;

Integrated digital asset management to store scanned PDFs of  royalty contracts.

An option for authors to request access to their statements online. This is a service that makes life easier for the author and greatly reduces costs in terms of printing and mailing. The author will have a full history of statements over time accessible at will.

Statement currency by author The CR&R system can now automatically identify the statement currency required from the author settings and generate that statement as required. This is independent of the currency settings for revenue currency and the publisher’s defined main currency.

Klopotek is available as a hosted or a stand-alone royalty software solution for medium to large publishers.

Literary Agent Software

That’s Rights! Agents is our new royalty software product for literary agents and rights agents. With this module literary agents can track;

  • Author activity
  • Submissions (offers made to publishers) – track outstanding offers to publishers
  • Licenses and rights sold – track rights sold or licensed and generate license agreements
  • Invoicing, statement and payment followup – reports tell you if a royalty statement and/or royalty payment is past due
  • Agent’s commissions and fees
  • Generate an author activity report – that summarizes income generated by the author
  • Send customized emails using templates that pull information from the relevant records

Rights agents use this software to track rights licensed on behalf of client publishers.

Our Literary Agent Software is priced at $1,300 for a single user, $790 for each additional user and $5,200 for an unlimited user site license.

To download the free 30 day trial version visit