Publishers Weekly

Royalty software is the focus of the Publishers Weekly article: Rights and Royalties: A Game of Granularity by Rich Shivener. This article discusses the major software options available for publishers; larger and small and also mentions Easy Royalties.

“There are nearly 200 That’s Rights! and Easy Royalties users in 19 different countries. We work with a wide spectrum of book publishers, from small/medium-size organizations to rights departments of some of the ‘big six,’ and with types of publishers including children’s, Christian, educational, general literature, romance, and more,” says Bloom. The company’s That’s Rights! software provides marketing support and royalty accounting for rights sellers, while its EasyRoyalties is a “low-cost, flexible, and comprehensive sales and author royalties accounting package,” according to Bloom. The latest addition to its product line is That’s Rights! Agents, which targets literary agents who need a rights and author management package.

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