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Windows 8

Our royalty software; Easy Royalties, works with Windows 8.

The Windows 8 platform features two major security improvements along with a modern tile based interface designed for tablets and smart phones.

Security Improvements

First, secure boot; on supported PCs, allows properly signed and authenticated components are allowed to execute during operating system startup. This is explained in the MSDN blog post below:

Second, Windows 8 loads your internet security software before all other startup apps. Malware cannot load first and turn off your security software.

Tile Based Interface

Windows 8 also present users with a new modern tile based start screen. Traditional programs; such as Office 2010 and Easy Royalties, run in the Windows 8 desktop environment.

If you want to reduce the learning curve for Windows 8 and preserve the traditional Windows 7 desktop look we recommend that you purchase the Start8 Windows 8 add-in ($4.99 USD) that provides;

  • Windows 7-style Start menu with Windows 8 enhancements
  • Search for Windows 8-style (Modern UI) apps
  • Pin desktop and Metro apps
  • Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop
  • Windows 8 Start screen accessible from the Start menu

You can purchase the Start8 add-in from

If you have any questions about running Easy Royalties under Windows 8 please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Hurricane Sandy – New York Office Remains Open

During Hurricane Sandy we continued to offer technical support for our royalty software customers from our New York office.

You can contact our office via phone at 516-593-0480 or email me at

Scheduled support hours are from 9:00 AM to 8:00PM EST. Support is offered after 8:00PM by appointment.

eBook Royalty Rates 2012

Royalty rates for ebooks vary widely. We have seen rates ranging from 10% to 50%.

Current Royalty Rates

The big New York publishers have standardized on a 25% of net receipts royalty rate. These publishers provide authors access to their extensive publicity, marketing and distribution resources. These publishers also all cover design and editing services  at no cost to the author.

Open Road Media is offering a 50% of net receipts royalty to authors and estates for the right to e-publish their backlist titles.

O’Reilly Media pays the author 10% of all net income that they receive from all sales of whatever format or licensing agreement.

eBook romance publishers tend to pay royalties of 25% to 44% of net receipts.

eBook Royalty Survery for romance publishers


Publishers are willing to pay higher royalty rates for backlist titles that require no prepublication expenditures (editing, cover design, proofreading).

Some publishers offer escalating royalties on ebook sales to established authors.

New startup publishers are attempting to lure authors with promises of high royalty rates (as high as 100% of net receipts); however, the author is responsible for all costs associated with the book and they provide minimal or no marketing for the published work.

Ebook only publishers tend to pay ebook royalties monthly or quarterly.  Publishers offering books in print and ebook format tend to pay royalties semi-annually or annually.

The big NY publishers forecast rising ebook royalty rates due to competitive pressures from other publishers.

Software Update v3.11.112

A new royalty software update is available. Licensed users can download it from the Easy Royalties customer portal.

Update 3.11.112

  • License fees -> ‘Ignore for author royalties’ option: if option is selected, author royalty estimate (tab on payment-received detail) will now show no royalties.
  • Tools -> Backup: suggested (default) filename no longer includes the full folder path name as part of the backup file name, resulting in (much) shorter filenames. Also, suggested (default) location changed to the same folder as the data file being backed up.
  • Royalty statements, sales-based reserves format: reserves brought forward were not showing in the detail section (though the summary section was correct). This has been fixed.

Update 3.11.109

  • Author royalty statement, multi-title format: columns can now be selected (i.e. show/noshow), and the column header text is user-defineable.

Update 3.11.108

  • Author detail: change author from Person to Organisation and vice versa now enabled.