Software Update v3.11.112

A new royalty software update is available. Licensed users can download it from the Easy Royalties customer portal.

Update 3.11.112

  • License fees -> ‘Ignore for author royalties’ option: if option is selected, author royalty estimate (tab on payment-received detail) will now show no royalties.
  • Tools -> Backup: suggested (default) filename no longer includes the full folder path name as part of the backup file name, resulting in (much) shorter filenames. Also, suggested (default) location changed to the same folder as the data file being backed up.
  • Royalty statements, sales-based reserves format: reserves brought forward were not showing in the detail section (though the summary section was correct). This has been fixed.

Update 3.11.109

  • Author royalty statement, multi-title format: columns can now be selected (i.e. show/noshow), and the column header text is user-defineable.

Update 3.11.108

  • Author detail: change author from Person to Organisation and vice versa now enabled.