Royalty Software Disaster Protection

Hurricane Sandy, which hit New York City in October 2012, drove home the importance of protecting your critical royalty software files. While companies along the shore were affected, so were datacenters in Manhattan and inland companies that experienced power outages and power surges.

At Kensai International we advise our clients to implement a four tier backup plan.

Tier 1. Online Backup

Online backup ensures that your royalty software’s data is automatically backed up to a secure location. Small companies tend to use affordable backup services such as Carbonite, Mozy or SOS Online backup. Large companies use more expensive backup services from Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and EMC.  What’s the difference? In the event of a disaster these Fortune 500 companies can call on resources that are not available to smaller online backup services.

Small Company: Carbonite, Mozy, SOS Online

Large Company: IBM, EMC

Tier 2. Local Backup via a USB hard drive or a Network Attached Storage Device

Though an online backup services is good, you always need a 2nd line of defense. Why? First, you never want to place all your eggs in one basket. Second,  in the past some backup services have experienced problems that delayed backup recovery by up to 7 to 21 days. Third, restoring data from a local device is a lot faster.

Small Company: Seagate Backup Plus or Western Digital MyBook

Larger Company: IoSafe Fire and Waterproof USB or NAS drives.

Note: Companies with small data files supplement this with a periodic backup to a CD. Companies with large data files may supplement their hard drive backup with a tape backup or backup to a USB drive that is is stored in a fire & waterproof safe.

Example: Daily online and USB hard drive backup. Monthly tape backup.

Tier 3. Surge Protection

Surge protectors  & power conditioners protect your royalty files from the data corruption and drive failures that result from large power fluctuations. Pricing ranges from $25 for a simple surge protector to $300 for a ZeroSurge surge protector. ZeroSurge protectors are used by government agencies; Department of Defense, NASA, US Army, US Navy, etc., and Fortune 500 companies  such as AT&T, Boeing, Exxon, Federal Express Lockheed Martin. If you have over 5,000 royalty contracts we recommend that you protect the hardware storing your royalty data with a ZeroSurge protector and a UPS device.

Tip: Plug the ZeroSurge protector into the power outlet and plug the UPS device into the surge protector.

Small Company: APC or Isobar surge protectors or UPS devices.

Large Company: ZeroSurge (

Tier 4. Data Recovery Procedures Manual

The data recovery procedures manual is a step by step action plan on how to recover your royalty software and its associated data files.  It contains the contact information for the software’s vendor and you how to recover the data stored in your online and local backup drives. Twice a year the IT manager (or royalty manager in small companies) will test the recovery procedure to ensure that it works and that all contact information is valid. The recovery procedures manual should be stored online and in a local fire & waterproof safe.

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