Software Update 3.11.121

New updates for our royalty software are now available.

EasyRoyalties version v 3.11.121 provides the following corrections or new features. This list shows all changes since the last announcement; some minor updates have been released in the interim – check your current version of EasyRoyalties to determine which changes apply.

• (v 3.11.106) Author contracts view: column added for last statement to-date

• (v 3.11.106) Licenses view: column added for reporting cycle months

• (v 3.11.106) Invoices: title added to the item description.

• (v 3.11.106) Author/contributor detail, Titles tab: list of titles can now be sorted by any of the columns in this window.

• (v 3.11.106) Improvements to Purchase Summary document

• (v 3.11.106) Author contracts view: added quick command to change author on a contract (royalty statements, advances, payments, etc. are retained and moved to the new author)

• (v 3.11.108) Author detail: change author from Person to Organisation and vice versa now enabled.

• (v 3.11.109) Author royalty statement, multi-title format: columns can now be selected (i.e. show/noshow), and the column header text is user-defineable.

• (v 3.11.112) License fees -> ‘Ignore for author royalties’ option: if option is selected, author royalty estimate (tab on payment-received detail) will now show no royalties.

• (v 3.11.112) Tools -> Backup: suggested (default) filename no longer includes the full folder path name as part of the backup file name, resulting in (much) shorter filenames. Also, suggested (default) location changed to the same folder as the data file being backed up.

• (v 3.11.112) Payments received view: columns added for ‘Country’ and ‘Language’ (showing country of licensee and language of license, respectively)

• (v 3.11.112) Royalty statements, sales-based reserves format: reserves brought forward were not showing in the detail section (though the summary section was correct). This has been fixed.

• (v 3.11.113) New report: Royalty Rights Aanalysis: shows total royalty expenses by royalty rights (rules). Also shows which activities with no royalty rule assigned.

• (v 3.11.115) Registration information moved to different location in the Windows registry (from CURRENT_USER to LOCAL_MACHINE)

• (v 3.11.116) Added ‘SelectedReviews’ field to Import -> Titles & properties

• (v 3.11.116) Sales detail report -> Export: return quantities were incorrectly showing as positive numbers; this has been fixed.

• (v 3.11.116) Author royalty statement — multiple titles format: the ‘unearned opening balance’ now includes amounts from any advances paid during the period.

• (v 3.11.116) Sales by title report: incorrect alignment of quanty totals. This has been fixed.

• (v 3.11.116) Author contract groups: total advances showing incorrect amounts (on-screen views). This has been corrected.

• (v 3.11.118) Author royalty statements, landscape & sales-based reserve formats: certain combinations of selected columns resulted in rightmost column being too small. This has been fixed.

• (v 3.11.118) Author royalty statements: Save As (e.g. to .rtf) – some statements that printed correctly might crash when saving to .rtf. This has been fixed.

• (v 3.11.119) Author payments: the ‘paid/unpaid’ status now remains unlocked even after accounting on a royalty statement (so that unpaid advances which were reported on statements can be subsequently marked as ‘paid’)

• (v 3.11.119) Agent’s package: new document: Author Invoice (invoice for commission on payments received)

• (v 3.11.120) Submissions -> Quick command -> Modify: if the following fields were left blank, the command was incorrectly blanking out the corresponding fields in the selected items: language, license type, season, account executive. This has been fixed.

• (v 3.11.120) Titles view -> Advanced lookup: keywords search enhanced to allow for ‘all keywords’ or ‘any keywords’ searches.

• (v 3.11.120) Title cataologue: show keywords now optional

• (v 3.11.120) Companies view & People view: added ‘Company type’ and ‘People type’ (the ‘view as’ settings) to search criteria.

• (v 3.11.121) New submission: the ‘Lookup’ command for the ‘submission-to’ field was not including companies of type sub-agent. This has been fixed.

• (v 3.11.121) Royalty statements: in certain non-English regional settings, a royalty statement with certain printing options set (title editions details), an error would occur; this has been corrected.

• (v 3.11.121) New submissions for multiple titles or multiple companies: improved warning for duplicate submissions (allows for ‘Yes to all’ and ‘No to all’)

To download and  install this royalty software update, log in to the client support website at

NOTE: if you have multiple users sharing a single database, all users may need to update at the same time. For more information, log in to the client support website or see your system administrator.

If you have any questions please feel free to contract or call 516-593-0480.