Royalty Software Selection

Publishers, manufacturers and software companies often ask is Easy Royalties the best software for them. The answer is, it depends. You need to look at your budget, your requirements, the competition and contact references to select the software that best meets the needs of your company.  Easy Royalties is best suited for companies that will have 5 or fewer concurrent users and will import fewer than 100K sales transactions monthly.


How much can you afford to spend on royalty software? In general, we recommend that you budget 1% of your annual royalty expense on software.

A small company with $100,000 in royalty payable should spend no more than $1,000. A company with $10M in royalty expenses should plan on spending at about $100K for software.

There are three costs tiers for royalty software;

  1. Low – This tier consist of  software priced from $500 to $10,000. The PC based Easy Royalties is in this tier.
  2. Medium – Hosted software solutions from Klopotek, Media Services Group, Publishing Technology and Virtusales will cost about $24,000+ a year.
  3. High – Stand alone solutions from IPX, Klopotek, Publishing Technology, Real Software Systems, SAP and Virtusales will cost from $100,000 to $1M USD.



How many contracts, licenses, properties, products, transactions and users does the solution need to support.

McGraw-Hill Education has over 250,000 royalty contracts and 1,000,000 ISBNs. They implemented Advance Rights and Royalties from Publishing Technology. Advance is a powerful and scalable solution used by large publishers.

If you need more than 5 concurrent users or and will be importing more than 150,000 sales transactions monthly we strongly recommend that you look at other solutions that can better handle these large volumes of transactions.

Royalty Rules

What are your requirements for processing royalties?

Example: Escalators

Easy Royalties supports escalators based on LTD sales, quantity sold, royalty earnings, list price and retail price. It does not support escalators based on YTD sales.

Example: Sales Basis

This includes list price, sales price, net receipts, gross profit and net profit.

Example: Territories

Are your royalties territory based? Do you need to handle multiple currencies?

Example: Sets

Do you sell products in sets? If so, you need software that can allocate sales among the set’s components.


We recommend that you evaluate 3 to 4 competitive products before selecting any royalty software


  • Midsized companies looking at Elan you should also look at Metacomet and Bradbury Phillips and AcumenBook
  • Large companies looking at Real Software Systems should also look at Klopotek, Publishing Technology, SAP and Virtusales
  • Music publishers looking at Easy Royalties should also look at Musicalc and Counterpoint.

Customer List

You want to purchase software that services companies that are similar to yours.

Easy Royalties/That’s Rights has client in over 19 countries with over 40 Easy Royalties clients in the United States.  Our book publishing clients range in size from startups to publishers with sales of about $50M.