Archives for March 2013

Upcoming Seminars for 2013

Upcoming royalty software online seminars for our clients include;

  • April 2013: How to use Pivot Tables to analyze sales information.
  • May 2013: Using the Microsoft PowerPivot add-in for Excel to analyze sales data stored in Easy Royalties.
  • June 2013: Generating royalty statements
  • July 2013: That’s Rights – our optional module for managing rights sales
  • August 2013: Sales Imports, including how to import the multi-currency Amazon KDP sales files.

Time and dates are posted on the first of each month. Attendance for each seminar is limited to 20 people.

Software Update Speeds Statement Printing

Royalty software update 3.11.136 dramatically speeds statement printing for users that display the edition summary at the top of a royalty statement. Users can download this free update from . We advise all users to install this update.