Royalties Session at DBW Publishing Services Conference

Digital Book World’s Publishing Services Conference of September 26, 2013 has a session devoted to rights and royalties. In the digital age, new rights opportunities surface all the time, and the mechanisms for taking advantage of those opportunities—from both the buy and sell sides—are constantly evolving. Agents and publishers today are faced with legacy contracts, outmoded technology and processes, overburdened rights staffs, and often the perception of the rights department as a cost center rather than a revenue generator.

The Rights & Royalties program is for agents and publishing rights, permissions, and legal staff looking to free up staff time, improve workflow, and realize new revenue opportunities for their companies and clients.

Session topics include;

Rights & Royalties in the 21st Century

Ashley Mabbitt of John Wiley and Sons will discuss how publishers should be preparing themselves for more effective and efficient rights and royalties administration, including the necessary changes in staffing and skillsets in rights departments across the industry.

What Makes a Good Permissions Organization

Ken Brooks, a Vice-President at McGraw-Hill and previously an executive with Cengage, Barnes & Noble, Simon & Schuster, and Bantam Doubleday Dell will review the reasons permissions activity has become more painful and propose a range of new solutions that range from policy changes to automation assistance to selective outsourcing.  For every publisher that has seen its cost of permissions management rise while simultaneously seeing its undone permissions work pile ever higher, this will be a session with very high value.

Developing a Rights Department for the Digital Age

This panel of publishers and an agent are building rights databases, improving their metadata practices, systematically tagging content, making their contracts and terms more consistent, and making use of automated rights-licensing services. They are finding ways to raise revenues and cut costs in this growing area of their business, and they will share their experiences and lessons learned for publishers just getting started.

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