Amazon eBook Sales Imports

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing provides publishers with a multi-currency sales file. There is a separate section for each currency – CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc. Each row has the Amazon ASIN; not the ISBN, as the product identifier. Download this document on how to import Amazon sales or read our how-to summary below.

A. Amazon ASIN

To import the Amazon sales files into your royalty software you must link the Amazon ASIN numbers to your products. This can be done in one of two ways;

Option 1. Vendor Codes

With this option you enter the retailer’s product code (ASIN) in the vendor code section for each product. This links the product(s) sales to the matching ISBN. On the royalty statement the sales from all of product’s vendor codes are combined under a single ISBN.

Easy Royalties Vendor Codes

Option 2. Create a new edition/product for each Amazon ebook

You can also create a separate product for each retailer’s ebook product by assigning their product code (ASIN, BNIN) to the ISBN field and assigning the product a relevant format name: Kindle, Nook, Kobo. This method will display the format name on the royalty statement and show sales for each retailer.

B. Sales Import File

To prepare your Amazon sales file for importing into our royalty software you need to 1) add two columns; Currency and Exchange Rate, and 2) populate these columns with the correct values.

First add columns for the Currency and Exchange Rate. Then scan your Amazon import file and where you see a new currency, enter that currency and the exchange rate in the relevant column. After the currency and exchange rates are entered you then need to populate each row in these two columns. In Excel to fill in the blank sells under the values in the Currency and Exchange Rate fields select these two columns.

Then select the Home tab on the Office 2013/2010 ribbon and select Find& Select from the editing group. This brings up a menu from which you select Go To Special > Blanks. With all the blank cells selected, start a formula by typing the equal sign(=), press the up arrow on your keyboard, and then press Ctrl+Enter to fill this formula into all blank cells. Copy and paste special values to convert the formulas to values. (Source: Pivot Table Data Crunching by Bill Jelen)

Then go to File > Import > Sales to import the file. Remember to set the exchange rate settings to match the exchange rate that you used.

Royalty Software Sales Import

In the mapping screen add values for SaleDate and Customer in the Or Use This Value Column. This will populate all the sales records with the sale date and Amazon as the customer.

Use this value

And tell the system to skip rows without an ASIN, quantity or royalty to have the import automatically omit the blank rows between each section of the Amazon sales file.