Large Royalty Software Implementations

In New York City I met with consultants that implement royalty software for large companes; i.e. companies that have over 100,000 royalty contracts. This discussion highlighted client critical requirements for a successful implementation:

1. A good project manager that knows how to communicate with the key stakeholders and keep a project on schedule and within budget is key. Too many projects fail because they lack a good project manager.

2. A solid grasp of customer requirements. Ideally, you want zero unplanned software modifications. Unplanned modifications cost money and will delay the project completion date.

3. Client commitment to the project. The client needs to assign his most knowledgeable people to the project.

4. Modern IT Hardware. Old hardware leads to a slower system that takes longer to calcualte royalties and generate statements. Where possible the royalty software data should be stored on a dedicated server or NAS; network attached storage, device.

5. Employee training. Companies tend to skimp on employee training in an effort to minimize costs. This leads to excessive calls to costly technical support liness. Having a realistic plan for training employees is key to minimizing ongoing support costs and maximizing client satisfaction with the software.