Version 4 Released

Version 4 of Easy Royalties was officially released on December 31st. This royalty software upgrade features an updated database engine, new graphical user interface, support for emailing royalty statements and many other new features.

The Microsoft Access database was engine was updated. This provides support for the Microsoft XLSX file format; with up to 1 million rows of data and integrated PDF support.

The new graphical user interface allows the user to access all menu items from a single menu.

Royalty payment minimums can be based on the total of all statements for an author or the payment owed for individual royalty statements.

Royalty contracts are now assigned to a royalty schedule. Each royalty schedule includes contracts with a common royalty period. A royalty statement format can be assigned to each royalty schedule. A publisher may have a schedule for Imprint 1 and another schedule for Imprint 2. Each would print would have a different royalty statement format. The royalty schedule also defines where royalty statement PDFs are to be saved. Statements can be saved in a single folder, or a separate folder for each royalty period. The software displays the total royalties earned and royalties payable for each royalty run.

For customers running Microsoft Outlook the software can automatically generate emails; based on a template, with royalty statements attached as a PDF file.

Premium support plan customers will automatically receive this upgrade. Royalty software clients without a premium support plan can purchase this upgrade at a 75% discount.