V4 – Royalty Schedules

In our royalty software every royalty contract is attached to a royalty schedule.

The royalty schedule determines 1) when royalty statements are generated, 2) the royalty statement format, 3) where PDFs of the statements are stored and 4) what email template is attached to emailed royalty statements.

When Statements are Generated

The royalty schedule determines when statements are generated.

General tab of royalty software schedule

Royalty Statement Format

The royalty schedule determines the royalty statement format. Contracts assigned to different schedules can have different formats. This is useful if you organization wants different headers to appear on statements for different imprints or special authors receive more detailed royalty statements.

royalty software schedule

Where PDFs are stored

The royalty software saves PDFs of royalty statements in a specified location. The software can create a sub-folder for each royalty period.

Email Template

If you have Microsoft Outlook installed, the royalty software can create an email with PDFs of the royalty statement in the Outlook draft email folder. The user can review the email and click send to send this to the author. The template can be a text file or an Outlook Template file.


  1. Create separate schedules for statements that are mailed and emailed to authors.
  2. Create a separate royalty schedule for each imprint or profit center. Each schedule can have a different statement style.
  3. Create a separate schedule for each editor’s titles.