How to Show Free Copies on Royalty Statements

Many publishers provide free books to potential reviewers. Publishers that are part of Kindle Select may offer the Kindle version for free to raise awareness of a book series or gain reviews for a new title. A publisher that uses a marketing service such as Bookbub to promote “free” eBooks can distribute several hundred to several thousand books in just a few days.

Easy royalties can exclude promotional units from quantities reported to the author and/or show the author how many free copies your marketing efforts have distributed.

In our royalty software each sales records has an entry type of Sales, Returns, Historical or Press (free).

Sales records with an entry type of Press (free) are not included in royalty escalators and are excluded from the life to date sales figures reported on the royalty statement. You print the life to date free quantity on the royalty statement.

Royalty Product Summary

Sales Imports

When importing sales records you can automatically assign entry type: Press (free) to sales records with no receipts (revenue).
To do this, on the sales import general options page select “If receipts are 0 or missing, set entry type to “Press (Free)”

Royalty Software Sales Import Screen

Royalty Statement

To display the quantity of free books distributed on the royalty statement go to the royalty statement format edition summary tab. Select Show press (free) copies. This adds a column for Free copies to the edition summary section of the statement.

Royalty Statement Formatting

Royalty Product Summary