Update 4.4.11

Royalty software update 4.4.11 increased the royalty calculation processing speed and provides functionality for new contracts to exclude sales prior to a specified date from royalty expense calculations.Royalty Calculations Speed is 50% Faster

A redesign of the royalty calculation engine removed several hundred lines of code. A client with 350 contracts experienced a 56% reduction in the time that it took to calculate royalties.

Royalty Exclusion Date Parameter

The Royalty contract > Historical balances > Prior system statements through date field now excludes sales date on or before this date from royalty expense calculations. This allows the user to add a contract that pays royalties only on future sales.

On-Screen Help Text

The development team is adding on-screen help text where needed.

royalty software info text example

Licensed Version 4 users can download this update from www.erupdate.net or from our client portal at www.thatsrights.com/clients.

If you have any questions about this update please email support@royaltysoftware.net