Update 4.5.03

This royalty software update adds new royalty contract functionality. Royalty shares; percentage allocations, now have a start and end date. The term “Royalty rules” replaced references to “Author rights”.

Royalty calculations will include activities dated as of the effective date.

Sales dated prior to the effective date are excluded from royalty earnings calculations. Prior dated sales are included in escalator quantities (and escalator life to date net revenue).

The example below illustrates how a change in the royalty share percentages and the assignment of new royalty recipients are handled within a single contract. Users can also create a new contract that ignores sales activities for royalty calculations; not escalator levels, prior to a specific date.

royalty software allocations

This update replaced the term “author right” with “royalty rule”.

EasyRoyalties Version 4 clients can download this update from www.erupdate.net or from the client portal. Go to www.royaltysoftware.net for more information about this update. If you have any questions about this update email support@royaltysoftware.net .