Royalty Software Selection for Book Publishers

Royalty software selection is an art. You want to purchase the software application that will best meet your current and future requirements.

  • Budget
  • Royalty Rules
  • Scalability
  • Expansion Options

Royalty Software Budget

The first criteria to examine is your budget. If your resources are limited or you want to minimize your expenditures EasyRoyalties will be your likely choice. Their prices range from $500 for (50 titles) to $18,000 (for 3,000+ titles) and implementation costs are minimal. If you can afford $10K to $30K a year for royalty software Metacomet’s Royalty Tracker, Klopotek and Virtusales offer royalty solutions that are more scalable, will process royalties faster and; in the case of Klopotek or Virtusales, offer a wide range of optional modules such as title information management and production management.

When looking at cost, look at the three year cost of ownership. The three year cost of ownership is the total cost of software, hardware, implementation and support services for a three year period.

Royalty Rules

The second criteria for royalty software is your royalty rules? Are they simple or complex? Can your royalty software handle them?

The example below shows the criteria for royalty rules supported by EasyRoyalties. Royalties can vary according to customer, discount, below cost sales, product format (paperback vs hardcover), sales type, product category (print vs digital), title classifications (Pulitzer Prize), edition classifications (Signed Leather Bound), territories (US, Canada, UK), or type of edition (standalone, bundle, anthology).

royalty software rules

Royalty rates can be based on list price, net receipts, gross profit or net profit. Rates can be a flat rate or escalating rates based on quantity, revenue or price.

royalty rates

Reserve for returns can be based on format, sales type or royalty rule. The reserve can be a flat rate or it can vary over time.

reserve for returns


Is your royalty operation a small operation with just a few employees or a large operation with many employees. Is your sales file small; generally under 50,000 records per royalty period or large, with a million or more sales records per royalty period. How fast does the software calculate royalties?

Low cost software like EasyRoyalties can handle up to 10 simultaneous users at one time and up to 125K sales records per royalty period (more if you use their sales consolidation option). More powerful software like Klopotek, Metacomet or Virtusales can handle hundreds of users and millions of sales records. If you are a very large company look at Alliant from Real Software Systems.

Expansion Options

Are your looking for royalty software or do you really want an integrated publishing solution?

Metacomet, Klopotek and Virtusales have author portals; at an additional charge, that allow authors to access their royalty statements online.

Klopotek and Virtusales have optional modules for title information management, editorial management, production management and sales analysis.


Select the software that best meets your requirements and your budget. Look at the three year cost of ownership and your royalty rules requirements. Is your organization’s scale compatible with the royalty software solution?