Update 4.6.12

Our royalty software is updated about twice a month. With Update 4.6.10 the software will automatically notify users when an update is available.

Recent updates added these features to our royalty software;


  • Improvement: New fields added to export functions on: Royalty Analysis Report, Royalty Statement.
  • Improvement: Author preferred payment method added to mail merge on royalty statement mailing templates and mail merge from royalty contracts view.
  • Improvement: Additional fields added to Permissions import (item paid, paid date, payment method, payor’s reference)
  • Improvement: Permissions import: default components created for titles and/or ISBNs with no component name referenced.

Users with the Optional Rights module can now import permission sales and payments at the same time. This is useful for clients that use an outside service; such as the Copyright Clearance Center, to handle permission and reprint sales.


  • Improvement: Royalty contracts: tally type added for Edition Product Category.
  • Improvement: Import royalty contracts: new fields added (BeneficiaryContactName, AgentContactName)


  • New feature: Import translation tables. Translation tables will convert a value in the import file to the value specified in the translation table.


  • Improvement: New options on royalty statements filters for Royalties Earned, Royalties Payable
  • Improvement: Column for ‘Foreign system reference’ added to royalty statements view.
  • Improvement: Royalty statements, author summary & agent summary pages: royalties earned column added (as separate from royalties payable).


  • New feature: Automatic update available notifications, with settings.

If you have any questions about these updates please email support@royaltysoftware.net or call 516-593-0480.