EasyRoyalties software; a product of JDC Software Ltd., is distributed in the United States, Canada, Australia and Asia by Kensai International Ltd.

Kensai International, Ltd. is a consulting firm that specializes in serving the needs of book publishers, book distributors and publishing software companies. Since 1997 we have helped clients; ranging in size from startup publishers to multinationals with sales of $300M+ , based in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

JDC Software

The That’s Rights! family of products are developed by JDC Software, providers of efficient solutions for the publishing industry.

JDC’s products are created by professionals from the publishing industry working together with software experts, fusing know-how with the technological skills and vision to bring that knowledge to the desktop.

Their goal is to help publishers of all sizes get the most out of their properties with the management tools they expect from a modern software product.

JDC works closely with their clients and rights experts as they continue to improve their existing products and develop new products for the publishing industry.

Kensai International & EasyRoyalties Software

In 2008 one of the largest art museums in the United States engaged our services to help them select royalty software. After evaluating several systems they selected EasyRoyalties (known at that time as That’s Rights!).

After selecting the royalty software they engaged our services to manage the implementation. The implementation included UAT testing (user acceptance testing), software customization, data conversion (including converting several thousand royalty contracts), parallel testing (where we compared royalty statements from the old to those generated by EasyRoyalties) and on-site staff training. The implementation project took 100 hours.

At the end of the project we were quite impressed by the software and the people at JDC Software (the UK based software developers). When we found a bug they fixed it within a day. When we asked for new functionality they added it within a week.

The project left us feeling that EasyRoyalties could fill a niche for “affordable” standalone royalty software that can handle complex royalty contracts. With competitive standalone royalty software solutions at priced at $25,000+; too expensive for many publishers and non-profits, Easy Royalties priced at $500 (for 50 titles) to $10,000 USD (for unlimited titles) is  an affordable alternative.

As always, we recommend that publishers evaluate all of the available royalty software solutions before making a purchase decision. Find the one that will best meet your current and future requirements. Each royalty software application has strengths and weaknesses. For information on competitive solutions you may wish to visit www.royaltysoftware.net  or www.bookpublishingsoftware.net .

You can find a listing of competitive software solutions in our royalty software directory .