Online User Manuals

EasyRoyalties has moved our user manuals online to the support section of At the current time we have three manuals online: EasyRoyalties, Importing and Permissions. [Read more…]

Update 4.6.12

Our royalty software is updated about twice a month. With Update 4.6.10 the software will automatically notify users when an update is available.

Recent updates added these features to our royalty software;


  • Improvement: New fields added to export functions on: Royalty Analysis Report, Royalty Statement.
  • Improvement: Author preferred payment method added to mail merge on royalty statement mailing templates and mail merge from royalty contracts view.
  • Improvement: Additional fields added to Permissions import (item paid, paid date, payment method, payor’s reference)
  • Improvement: Permissions import: default components created for titles and/or ISBNs with no component name referenced.

Users with the Optional Rights module can now import permission sales and payments at the same time. This is useful for clients that use an outside service; such as the Copyright Clearance Center, to handle permission and reprint sales.

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Update 4.5.03

This royalty software update adds new royalty contract functionality. Royalty shares; percentage allocations, now have a start and end date. [Read more…]

Royalty Software News – June 2016

New Website

Our new website;, is up. In the support section you will find how to manuals for Importing and the EasyRoyalties software. We will be continually updated these online manuals. This week we are adding an EasyRoyalties manual module for Title Editions. Next week the module for Royalty schedules will be added. Royalty schedules determine when royalty statements are generated, specifies royalty statement format, specifies where the statement PDFs are saved and what email templates are used when statements are emailed to royalty recipients. [Read more…]

Update 4.4.30

Royalty software update 4.4.30 is available from or the client portal.

  • Landscape royalty statement style was generating errors; fixed.
  • New database: General options (home country, home language, home currency, tax name, etc.) are automatically initialized based on the Windows regional settings.
  • General Options: VAT tax is displayed as a percentage, not a decimal amount.


Update 4.4.11

Royalty software update 4.4.11 increased the royalty calculation processing speed and provides functionality for new contracts to exclude sales prior to a specified date from royalty expense calculations. [Read more…]

Update 4.4.1 – Help Documentation Links

Royalty software update 4.4.1 now documentation links to the main menu help menu. Click on the help button to access PDF documents on how to use the software. This help option is in addition to the in-program help that is available from the ? button at the top of each menu’s screen.

This initial list of documentation includes:

  • Importing data
  • Setting up statistics and alerts
  • Overview
  • Royalty rules
  • Creating statements
  • Royalty statement email setup
  • QuickBooks (tax withholding)

This update is available for free to all licensed users of the software. Go to to download and install this update.

Version 4 – Author Minimum Payments

Many royalty contracts have a minimum payment clause. This clause states that if the amount payable is under a specified amount, the payment amount will be rolled over to the next period. [Read more…]

Version 4 Released

Version 4 of Easy Royalties was officially released on December 31st. This royalty software upgrade features an updated database engine, new graphical user interface, support for emailing royalty statements and many other new features. [Read more…]

Kindles Sales Import

A new Tech Note describes how to import the multi-currency Amazon Kindle KDP royalty report into Easy Royalties.

To do this in Easy Royalties you;

1. Go to your Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) dashboard and download the royalty report (an Excel .xls file) for the month.

2. Scan the report for any foreign currency transactions and enter the exchange rates for these currencies in the Easy Royalties foreign exchange table located under the Options, settings & lists menu.

3. Then go to File > Imports > Amazon KDP to import your royalty file. This import requires V3.11.248 or above. Licensed users can download a free update from the Easy Royalties customer portal.