Easy Royalties Trial Version – With the 30 day trial version of our royalty software you can import or create authors, titles, products, royalty contracts and royalty statements.

Implementation Overview – High level view of the implementation process

Implementation Phase 1 (Feb 2013) – Implementation Checklist for configuring Easy Royalties and import royalty recipients and products.

Introduction to Easy Royalties – This overview of the royalty software covers how to create authors, titles, products, editions, royalty contracts, import sales and generate royalty statements.

Import Users Guide – Guide to importing information into Easy Royalties and That’s Rights. (Updated 2012- February)

Importing Titles & Editions – Instructions on how to import title information.

7 Steps to Configuring QuickBooks for Easy Royalties – Instructions on how to setup QuickBooks to work with Easy Royalties.

Importing Authors from Quickbooks – Instructions on how to export author contact information from QuickBooks and import it into our royalty software.

Importing Authors from QuickBooks 2013 (Feb 2013) – Instructions on how to import royalty recipient information stored in QuickBooks 2013.