How to Purchase Easy Royalties

1. Download the royalty software

If you have not installed a trial copy of Easy Royalties, start by downloading Easy Royalties software.

Test the software. Create authors, titles, editions and royalty contracts. Import sales. Test the  system with your most complex royalty contracts. Print royalty statements. If you need help contact us for one-on-one online screen sharing session ( info@easyroyaltiesusa.com) . Let us know if you need additional functionality.

2. Which products, how many users, how many titles?

Review our royalty software price list.

Determine how many client licenses you will need and how many titles that you will be managing. Our royalty software comes with one client license. You need one client license for each computer that the program will be accessed from.

An Easy Royalties license allows you to manage a specific number of titles; 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, or an unlimited number of titles. A title usually consists of  all editions;  such as paperback, hardcover and ebook, that the book is available in. Example; The “Sands of Mars” title consists of all its various editions; Sands of Mars (paper),Sands of Mars (hardcover), Sands of Mars (audio book).

Note: Sales to companies based in New York state may be subject to sales tax.

3. Purchase a license

Email us your order details and we will send you an invoice via email.

You can pay the invoice online using a credit card or you can mail us a check.

4. Get your license key

After we receive payment we will ask you to send us the product ID of your Easy Royalties trial version software. Then we will send you a license key. The license key unlocks the royalty software for the specified number of users and titles.

5. Updates and Upgrades

Registered users of Easy Royalties receive 12 months of updates to their current version at no charge.

If a new version (i.e. 5.x for registered owners of 4.x) is released within 6 months of your purchase you will receive the upgrade at no charge. Other registered users have the option; but are not required to, purchase the upgrade. Premium support plan clients receive version upgrades free of charge.