Easy Royalties is a powerful, affordable and customizable royalty software solution. The optional rights management module helps you maximize your foreign rights income while our permissions mangement module tracks permissions granted and received.

Powerful Royalty Software

Easy Royalties is a simple and powerful royalty software application for tracking book & related product sales and calculating author royalties.

Author agreements can be set up with flexible royalty calculation rules for producing accurate, comprehensive royalty statements. Use template contracts to create duplicate the terms of existing contracts on new contracts.

Royalty rules can be based on edition format (paper, hardcover, ebook, etc.), sales type, customer and discount. Royalty rates can be a flat rate or an escalting rates based on the quantity sold or the sale price. The amount can be calculated based on retail price, gross amount, net receipt, gross profit or net profit.

Sales data can be entered manually, or imported on a regular basis from any standard format (Excel spreadsheet, csv files, etc.).

Easy Royalties can be used as a standalone application, or in combination with That’s Rights! for Rights Sellers to provide a complete royalty accounting solution.

Affordable Royalty Accounting

Prices for our royalty software range from $500 to $18,000.  All prices are one-off, and licenses are valid indefinitely. There are no required annual fees or maintenance charges. We offer an optional Premium Support Plan that includes major version upgrades and premium support services.

Prices include email support and 12 months of updates to the version purchased at no extra charge. New features are continually added to the latest version of the software. There is a charge for major version upgrades (i.e. version 3.x to version 4.x).

Publishers that compare the total cost of ownership of our royalty accounting software to that of our competitors often find that Easy Royalties can save them $40,000 or more. What’s the five year total cost of ownership? Its the total cost of a royalty management solution. This includes the cost of the software, hardware,  user licenses, maintenance contracts, software upgrades and customer support.

Customizable Royalty Management

Our royalty software designers operate under a rapid development environment that allows them to  continually upgrade this application with new features requested by the users. If you need special functionality it’s more than likely that it can be added to the software.

Registered users can download the latest update at any time.

Rights Management Module

That’s Right’s; our optional rights management module, allows publishers to manage submissions to rights buyers, manage license agreements, and manage co-editions. You can track and followup on submissions, licenses, rights sold, rights available and much more. Generate tip sheets, catalogs of titles, and a wide range of selected reports. When used with Easy Royalties it produces a single author royalty statement combining sales and licensing activities.