Music Royalty Pricing

Are you a music publisher with hundreds or thousands of songs?

Our Easy Royalty title based pricing makes our royalty software very affordable for music publishers if you understand our title based pricing.

Under title based pricing a title (the works of an artist) can be linked to multiple editions (songs). An edition can be a bundle that has multiple songs from different artists.

If you have 800 songs you might require  only 30 titles (i.e. a 50 title license).

Example: A publisher with 10 artists, 800 songs, 50 one artist products (i.e. sheet music products with songs from one artist) and 20 compliation products (i.e. albums with songs from multiple artists) available in 60 editions (digital & print) could likely handle all royalties with just 30 titles.


1. 10 titles for the artists and their 800 songs (each song is an edition linked to a title) and 50 one artist products.

Joe Smith (Title)

— Mary had a lamb (edition – song)
— Little Bo Peep (edition – song)
— Jack be Nimble (edition – song)

2. 20 titles for the compliation products and their 60 various editions.

Songs of the West (title)

— Songs of the West (digital) (edition – bundle linked to 50 songs)
— Songs of the West (print) (edition – bundle linked to 50 songs)
— Songs of the West (Vinyl) (edition – bundle linked to 50 songs)

In fact, we have only publisher handling 10,000+ editins with a 400 title license. They key is that the contract is based on the title. This means that the royalty terms for all the songs linked to that title (contract) must be the same for each format and that the contract tracks a single advance amount for all editions linked to that contract.

Let me explain;

a. You can link editions to a single title if the royalty rate for each format type is the same. Example; the rate for digital sales is 50% and the rate for physical sales is 10%. A title cannot have editions where the royalty rate is different within each format; i.e. Song A digital royalty is 50% and for Song B the digital royalty is 25%.

b. You can issue multiple advance payments against the same title so long as the advances are applied against the royalties earned for all songs linked to that title. However, if you need to apply an advance against 10 songs, and not against 100 other songs by the same artist you would need to setup a seperate title. One title for the 10 songs sharing one advance payment(s) and a second title for the 100 songs sharing the other advance payment(s).