Optional Modules

Easy Royalties has two optional modules; That’s Rights and That’s Permissions.

That’s Rights for rights sellers is our rights marketing and inbound royalties tracking application.

  • Manages submissions to prospective rights buyers, keeps track of quotes and negotiations
  • Manages license agreements, advances & fees, royalty statements and income; works with multiple currencies and exchange rates
  • Manages co-editions; includes co-edition forecasting and pricing tools
  • Maintains author contracts and royalty calculation rules; calculates author royalties due on licensing activities and generates royalty statements
  • Comprehensive tracking and follow-up of submissions, licenses (signatures, advances paid, renewals, etc.), rights sold, rights available, royalty statements and payments, tax certificates, and much more.
  • Import/export from Microsoft Excel worksheets, Microsoft Access databases or other files
  • Generates tip sheets, quick catalogues of selected titles, and a wide range of reports
  • Generate invoices for license fees and advances, royalty payments due, co-edition purchase orders, etc.
  • Mutli-currency: invoice in any currency, record payments in any currency. Different exchange rates at time of invoice and on receipt of payment shows gains/losses from currency fluctuations.
  • Generate commercial invoices for accompanying overseas shipments of samples

That’s Permissions tracks the status of permission requuests that you receive from other publishers and permissions that you requested from other publishers.

  • Example: Company X requests permission to include a photo from book Y and an excerpt from book ZZ in their book MMM.

Rights and Permissions Management Software