Purchase Price

Easy Royalties is one of the most affordable royalty solutions on the market. Technical support and all in-version updates are provided free of charge.

Single user pricing for the Easy Royalties software is title based and ranges from $500 for a 50 title license to $18,000 for an unlimited title license. Our software is used by companies that generate less than 50 to more than 6,500 royalty statements every royalty period.

Download the Easy Royalties Price List


  • A publisher with 90 titles linked to 300 editions (paper, cloth, audio, and digital) would purchase a 100 title license ($900).
  • A publisher with 300 titles linked to 1,000 editions (paper, cloth, audio and digital editions) needs a 400 title license ($3,000).
  • An stock art company with 150 artists and 10,000 editions (stock art of various sizes; 4×6, 6×9, 12×18, etc.) would likely require a 200 title license ($1,500) if using the artist’s name as the title name and the name of each artwork as the edition title.
  • A publisher with 2,000 titles linked to 4,000 editions requires our unlimited title license ($14,000 for 1,501 to 3000 titles titles).

You can start with a 50 title license and upgrade to a 100, 200, 400, 600, 800 or 1,000 title license as your title list grows. Pay only the difference in price between the two version.

Likewise, you can start with a single user system and add additional user licenses; $500 each, as needed.

Royalty related functionality not included in the software can usually be added in 4 to 12 weeks at no charge to the customer.

Download the Easy Royalties Price List

Implementation of Easy Royalties is simple.

You can do it yourself or allow us to guide you through the process.

Recently, we helped 13 publishers and stock art companies implement Easy Royalties at no charge. We guided them through the process, they provided us with the data files (author file, title & edition file, contract file and sales data) in the Microsoft Excel format we asked for and we imported the data for them (and showed them how we did it). We also provided each company with online training session(s) on how to use Easy Royalties.

  • Author file – contains the names and address of each author and author’s agent with each segment parsed in its own field along, the code used to identify the vendor in your accounting software (if you want to export payments due from Easy Royalties for import into your accounting software) and related tax withholding information (optional).
  • Title and Edition file – contains information for each edition along with the title its linked to. Example: Horse Training 101 (paper edition), Horse Training 1010 (audio edition) and Horse Training Teachers Guide (paper edition) are linked to Title: Horse Training 101
  • Contract file – contains the author code, title code, contract template code and author’s share (100% for a single author title, 50% when two authors share the royalties equally). With this file  the system can automatically create royalty contracts by copying the terms and royalty rules from the specified template code.  You can always enter contracts manaually, but if you have a few hundred or a few thousand contracts importing your royalty contracts is a great timesaver.
  • Sales file – with the invoice number (optional), ISBN (or product code), sale date, quantity, retail price (optional) and total net receipts for each line item. Currency and exchange rate are optional fields used when importing sales denominated in a foreign currency.

If your requirements are more complex, you don’t have time to format the import files yourself, you want on-site training or you want us to manage the implementation process for you can please contact us for a price quote.

About 40% of our clients impelment our royalty software with a minimal amount of implementation support, 50% ask us to create the initial data files for them using the correctly formatted data files they provide us and 10% engage our services to manage the royalty software implementation project for them.