Remote Access

Our royalty software can be accessed from multiple remote locations using GoToMyPC or Windows Terminal Services.

GoToMyPC is the simplest way to access Easy Royalties from a remote location. Install GoToMyPC on a client PC running Easy Royalties and leave this computer running. A remote user running GoToMyPC from their home on their desktop or computer can login to this computer. GoToMyPC costs about $99 USD per year per user. You require one local PC for each remote client that will be accessing our royalty software at the same time.

GoToMyPC’s security includes:

  • Keyboard Locking and Screen Blanking
  • SSL-encrypted website
  • End-to-end 128-bit AES encryption
  • Inactivity Time-Out
  • Dual-layer strong passwords
  • Optional One-Time Passwords
  • Enables HiTech and HIPAA compliance

Windows Terminal Services is the option that larger companies favor. With Windows Terminal Services remote users login to an EasyRoyalties client running on the terminal server server PC from their local PC or MAC. One Terminal Services server can support 5 Easy Royalties clients running at the same time. You can install a Terminal Services server at your office or use a hosting company server for your Terminal Server.