Royaty Statements

Within the royalty statements lies the hidden power of our royalty software.

Statement status can be pending, verified or issued. The balance tab shows you how the royalties were calculated – the earnings, the reserve for returns, royalty advances and the royalty payable. You can search for statements by author, title, agreement type, product line (aka imprint), date range or statement status.

For each royalty rule on the statement you can click on the detail button to see how the earnings for that rule were calculated.

Once a statement is marked verified or issued you can’t change it without first changing the status of the statement.

Easy Royalties statements are customizable. You choose the level of detail that you want each statement to show. You have the option to print the lifetime print run history for each edition (paper, hardcover, audiobook, etc.) on the statement. You can print a different header for each product line (imprint). This means that royalty statements from for each imprint can have their own header and contact information.

Royalty Statement Advanced Search

Royalty statement advanced search

Royalty statement balance calculations summary

Royalty statement balance calculations summary