Sales Imports

Royalty Accounting Sales Imports Features

Easy Royalties software provides a database for recording your ISBN’s and related products’ sales activities.

Royalty accounting sales activities can be recorded at a detailed level (for example, you can record each retailer’s order), or simply record end-of-period totals. If you receive figures from a distributor or from another computer system, these can easily imported into EasyRoyalties. If your distributor does not use your ISBNs or product codes in their sales reports this royalty software can match their product codes to yours.

Sales information can be quickly viewed and analyzed by customer (retailer or distributor), by ISBN, by Title (including all of its ISBNs), or by various selection criteria – date ranges, product lines, types of sales, etc.

Sales Import Process

EasyRoyalties makes it easy to import sales. All you need is a file in Excel or csv format that has field names in the header row. During your first import  you will map your field names to EasyRoyalties’ field names.  This mapping is saved and used for future imports.

What fields do you need? It depends on the complexity of your royalty contracts? At the most basic only date, customer, ISBN or product code, quantity and amount are needed. If you do not pay royalties on sales made at below cost then you also need to import cost of goods sold; unless you want to use the unit cost stored in this royalty software. If you pay different rates based on sales type (such as foreign or wholesaler) then you also need to import the sales type for each invoice.

The import process will create a log of any sales records that it could not import. This is usually due to the product not existing in the database or a missing ISBN (product code).

A batch number is assigned to the records in each file import. This allows you to easily view all records in that import, or delete a specific batch and re-import the corrected file.

Sales Import Screen Shot from Easy Royalties

Royalty software sales import screen