Implementation Overview

That’s Rights! Agents Implementation Steps

Phase 1: Software Registration & Setup

  1. Download trial version
  2. Register software
  3. File > New Database – to create a new empty database without the sample data included in the 30 day trial
  4. Options, settings & lists > General options – to set home country and home currency
  5. Options, settings & lists > Stationary – to set the stationary that appears of the top of your author invoices
  6. Establish Backup Procedures

Phase 2: Enter or Import Data

  1. Import (or enter) authors
  2. Import (or enter) titles
  3. Import (or enter) outstanding submissions to publishers. Submissions are manuscripts that have been submitted to publishers for consideration.
  4. Import (or enter) licenses signed with publishers. Licenses are created when a publishing agreement is signed with a publisher.

 Phase 3: Using That’s Rights! Agents

  1. When a publisher submits a royalty statement enter the information as a Royalties-In record.
  2. Enter the payment received for a royalty statement.
  3. Print a Royalties-In statement summary or Payments Received Author Payment Advice for the Author