Easy Royalties

Below are answers to common questions about our royalty software.

Hosted Solution Questions

  1. How do I access the hosted solution from a PC?
  2. How do I access the hosted solution from a MAC?

Software Configuration Setup

  1. Recommended hardware
  2. Register the software
  3. Create a new data file
  4. Select the home currency
  5. Turn off ISBN validation
  6. Setup royalty statement headers
  7. Create a backup file
  8. Configure Carbonite Online backup
  9. Backup strategy

User Interface

  1. Change the columns that display for a record list
  2. Change what records populate a newly opened record list
  3. How do I select records in a record list?


  1. Documentation: Easy Royalties Implementation Guide Phase 1 (opens in new window)


  1. Documentation: That’s Rights Import Users Guide (opens in new window)
  2. Documentation: Kindle Sales Imports (opens in new window)

Authors & Contributors (Licensors)

  1. Add a new tax status

Royalty Contracts

  1. Royalty rule for no royalties on free products
  2. Royalty rule for no royalties on products sold at below cost

Royalty statements

  1. How to create royalty statements
  2. How to not print statements for inactive royalty contracts
  3. How to print royalty statements
  4. How to update the statement status
  5. Display the life-to-date quantity sold
  6. Show royalties by month on a statement
  7. Customize the text that appears on the statement

Titles & Editions

  1. What are titles and editions?
  2. What are the edition’s ISBN, SKU and Vendor Codes?
  3. How to move an existing edition to a new title

Bundles (Sets)

  1. What are bundles?
  2. Create bundles with an Excel import file
  3. Print a report that shows the components of a bundle
  4. View bundles (sets) in the edition record list

Common Problems

  1. I can’t see the print preview screen
  2. How to change the date format (dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy)