Backup Strategy

At Kensai International we recommend that users of royalty software follow a 3 to 4 level backup strategy. Hard drives are mechanical devices which will fail at some point in their life. Computers can be damaged by power surges. Laptops can be stolen. Backup devices can fail and online backup services can go out of business. Storing copies of your important files in multiple formats minimizes the chance that you will not be able to restore your royalty data. A 3 level backup means that you have 3 copies of your important files. Each copy is stored in a different location.

Level 1: Online Backup (Daily)

An online backup service; such as Carbonite or Mozy, will backup your data automatically to their off-site storage location.

Do not rely only on one online backup service for your only file backup. In 2008 cloud storage provide FlexiScale was offline for several days due to an employee error. In 2009 Carbonite filed a lawsuit that made public the temporary loss of data access for 7,500 customers and about 54 customers experienced some data loss. In 2011 the Amazon cloud experienced a crash that caused a few companies to lose some of their stored data. In our opinion, all online SaaS vendors are likely to experience a system crash at some point in time.

Level 2: USB Backup Drive (or use a 2nd online backup service) (Daily)

Add a USB backup drive to your online backup to provide quick access to your data files. It might take a few hours to several days to download a large data file from an online backup service. This same file can be restored in minutes from a local USB backup drive. Companies in a flood zone or a hurricane region should consider an ioSafe fire and waterproof USB drive for data storage.

Backup software applications for your USB backup drive includes:

  • Genie Timeline
  • Genie Backup Manager
  • Windows 8 File History
  • Nova Backup
  • Acronis True Image

Level 3: Offline Backup (Monthly)

Data should be periodically copied to a USB drive that is disconnected from computer equipment after the backup is completed. This protects the drive from powers surges. This drive should be stored in a fire and waterproof safe. The USB drive can be an external USB hard drive, a portable USB hard drive or a flash drive.

Level 4: Backup to Archival Rated DVD (Quarterly)

At the start of each quarter we recommend that users backup their royalty software data and royalty contract files to an archival rated DVD for permanent storage. Whereas a standard DVD has a shelf life of 2 to 5 years, an archival grade DVD has an estimated life of 100+ years. Store the DVD in a fire and waterproof safe. Discs should be stored vertically in standard sized jewel cases. Do not store discs in paper or plastic sleeves because they 1) provides little physical protection, 2) can interact chemically with the disk, and 3) can scratch the disc surface.

Archival rated DVD brands include;