Free Products No Royalty Rule

Most companies do not pay royalties on products given away for free. Nor are these sales included in royalty escalators.

To create this rule in Easy Royalties;

  1. Assign a “Free” royalty rule to the royalty contract and place it above all other rules. This ensures that sales records will be compared against this rule before all other rules. If the sales record matches the terms of the Applies to tab for this rule, the rule will execute and the following rules will be not be executed.
  2. Press the Details… button for this rule.
  3. On the Applies to tab select Sales with discounts: greater than  and enter 100%
  4. On the Royalties tab select a Rates apply to
  5. In the Royalty rate for all copies sold text entry box enter 0%
  6. At the bottom of the screen select Do NOT add sales or activities that fall under this right to the escalation tally. This will exclude this sales record from inclusion in all royalty escalators for sales.
  7. Press Save, then Close.