ISBN, SKU and Vendor Code

Our royalty software allows you to import sales referencing the ISBN, SKU or Vendor Code stored in the edition (product) record.



Every edition (i.e. product) has to have a unique product identifier. We call this the ISBN because most of our clients are book publishers. By default the software will check for a mathematically correct ISBN number. You can disable this check digit verification in System, options and settings.


The SKU; stock keeping unit, is an alternative unique product identifier. A product (edition) that has an ISBN may have a SKU. A product that has a SKU has to have an ISBN.

Vendor Code

When you receive a sales report from a distributor they may reference their unique identifier for their product, not yours. Our vendor code functionality allows the application to match a customer’s vendor codes to your code in the ISBN field.


Many book publishers receive an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing sales report that references the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) not the ISBN number they assigned to their eBook. The vendor code functionality matches the ASIN number to the publisher’s ISBN number so that they can import the Amazon sales.

Tip: Some publishers create a separate edition for their Kindle versions. These editions use the Amazon ASIN number as the edition’s ISBN. The Amazon edition shows as a separate product on the royalty statement.